One step further

pulsar aims to show the possibilities of web technology as a console-like entertainment platform, providing a comfortable environment to the player, and encouraging developers to give up the typical browser game concept.


  • Gamepad Support

    All you need is a gamepad. The built-in gamepad-keyboard mapping feature lets you play all games with your controller.

  • Fullscreen

    Forget about playing into a browser window and feel the console experience.

  • Emulation

    Play your all-time favorite titles with pulsar integrated classic systems emulation.

  • Free Software

    Released under GNU GPL license. Check it here.


pulsar is available as a Google Chrome extension. You can install it on Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux.
A gamepad is required.

Add your game

Just keep your game wherever it is, and check these requirements:

  • Gamepad support (recommended) or a maximum of 6 action + 4 direction keys.
  • The user must be able to play the game and do all needed actions using the above mentioned controls.
  • The user should not need to use the mouse or enter any text via keyboard.
  • Keep in mind that your game will be played in fullscreen mode. Avoid margins and other elements around the game in your page.
  • The game must run on the latest Google Chrome without any plug-in.

If you'd like to see your game in pulsar, please contact with info (at)